Social security and health insurance

Enterprenuers (self-employed persons) from one country which are at the same time employed in another country are obliged to pay social security from business activities in the state of employment. At the same time, self-employed does not have to pay for insurance in country where business is registered.

Also, self-employed persons who do business in two or more countries are obliged to pay insurance from all activities in only one of them.

Partners of public companies have similar obligations.

At the same time, it must be remembered that in the EU, it is forbidden to pay social security in more countries at same time.

Our company has also experience with providing trans-border services for employers of workers working from home abroad. 

Price list for self-employed
Preparation of A1
€ 20
Registration for social and health insurance

€ 60

Translations od documents € 30
Yearly insurance declarations
€ 15


Price list for employers
Registration of employer

€ 60

Translations od documents € 30


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