Tax returns in Czech Republic and Poland

Foreigners working in Poland or the Czech Republic in most cases are obliged to prepare and send Income tax returns.

In case that in a fiscal year, most of your incomes where in the Czech Republic or Poland you will have a possibility to use several tax reliefs.

Please note that in the case of having own business in any other country, you may be obliged to pay additional social security.


Charitable giving and blood donation

You may deduct up to 10% of your Czech yearly incomes but not less than 1000 Czech crowns.

If You donated blood, you may deduct 2000 Czech crowns for each donation.

For Poland you may deduct up to 6% of your income, however, there is no minimum. One litre of donated blood increases personal allowance of about 130 PLN.

Mortgage allowance

Your Czech taxed income will be reduced by interest paid in your mortgage for house or flat in which you are living if it is situated

Payments to registered pension schemes

From Czech income, you may deduct payments for pension schemes if monthly rates are higher than 1000 CZK and lower than 2000 CZK.

In Poland, there is the only maximal limit for pension schemes, which is 5718 PLN.

Labour union donations

If you are a member of the labour union in the Czech Republic, you may deduct your contributions.

Vocational exams and other exams confirming new skills  

In case you passed any exams that prove your skills, you may deduct fees from your Czech income.

Basic bonus

The Czech Republic doesn’t have a basic personal allowance, but instead of that, there is a basic tax bonus. 24840 CZK.

Personal allowance in Poland is mostly already in your salary.   

Spouse bonus

If your spouse is unemployed you may deduct from your Czech tax amount of 24840 CZK.

In Poland, You can send joined tax declaration which mostly reduces your tax obligation.

Bonus for a disabled person

Depending on the level of your disability, you may deduct up to 16140 CZK from Czech tax.

In Poland following amounts will increase Personal allowance for a disabled person:

  • 2280 PLN for a car owned by a disabled person. It is not necessary to use special adjusted cars.
  • Prescribed medicaments when paid more than 100 PLN monthly.

Student’s bonus

Czech students can deduct additional 4020 CZK.

Kindergarten bonus

If your child is in paid kindergarten, you may deduct up to 9200 CZK from Czech tax.  

Relief for Children

Poland and the Czech Republic grant special tax bonus for children. Large families can gain a much higher bonus. You will be paid also in case, that whole tax is lower than the calculated bonus.



Preparing tax return for PL or CZ

€ 50,-

Translation of documents if required by tax authorities (per page)

€ 30,-

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