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Mandatory testing in companies and entrepreneurs
monday, 22 March 2021

On Monday, the Czech government approved the obligation to test for all companies, including those employing less than ten employees and a single person.

Mandatory testing in companies and entrepreneurs

Employees who come to work must start tests from Tuesday on April 6, and then repeat them every week.

Testing now also applies to self-employed people who meet with third parties at work (except people in the same household).

Companies can test in several ways

  • with the help of a labor medicine doctor,
  • contracted medical rescuer or
  • Samotest, with whom the test can perform a non-medical rescuer or an employee itself.

    Information on the execution and result of the employee test, including its insurance number, are saved by an authorized employee in the review of the tests carried out. Once a month, the company must report to the insurance number of performed tests made. If the employee performs a test at home, he transmits the result of the employer.

    Invoices for purchased tests should be stored by a company to allow the insurance company.

    employee with a positive test must go to a quarantine and contact a physician or sanepid. doctor or sanepid will commission a test PCR, which should confirm the infection.

    as the finance minister Alena Schillerová informed, for non-compliance with the obligation to carry out tests, punishment up to 500,000. CZK companies, and up to 50,000 CZK employees.

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