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Comparison of health insurance funds for Czech companies
tuesday, 3 August 2021

For several years, Polish entrepreneurs who have a company in the Czech Republic can choose between different patients. The premiums for the patients are the same, but each of them offers a different additional package over the range offered by the basic basket of benefits.

Comparison of health insurance funds for Czech companies

All the patients have the same access to specialists and provide access to healthcare abroad on the terms set out by the European Union's regulations.

Below we present basic benefits and advantages:


VZP CR - Universal Health Insurance Insurance RCZ

This is the biggest cash desk with the widest availability of the first contact doctors in the Czech Republic.

Sick cash offers a bonus program that offers

  • bonus for quitting smoking
  • partial refund of didactic aids to improve memory for older people
  • partial refund for the purchase of equipment for diabetics
  • partial refund for preventive oncological studies
  • surcharge for influenza vaccination, pneumocoki and hepatitis A and B

Children can additionally count on support for celiaces and other metabolic problems.

Furthermore Cash register customers can count on discounts with numerous partners of the sickness cash registers.


VOZP - a military health insurance company.

Against the name is not limited only to people in uniformed services.

The patients offer subsidies for optional vaccination, a bonus for quitting smoking, vitamins for vitamins for pregnant women or screening. In addition, the cash register pays for the purchase of various infants, vaccination against HPV, orthodontic apparatus for children, and even a bicycle helmet.

In addition to the abovementioned sickness funds offers discounts on stays in selected sanatories.


CPZP - Czech industrial insurance company

The cash register offers surcharges for optional vaccination, laser sequence correction, potency drugs and prevention of cancer. In addition, infant mothers can count on support in the first purchases.

Children insured in this sickness box can count on surcharge to holiday and sports camps, buying a bicycle helmet or orthodontic apparatus. A small surcharge also for children suffering from metabolic diseases.

CPZP clients can count on a discount at the Exim Tour travel agency.

Sick cash supports smoking.


OZP - union insurance company

Sick cash offers an application that facilitates arranging visits to doctors. The cash register offers surcharges for optional vaccination and a wide prevention of cancers. In addition, subsidies for some rehabilitation treatments, diets for people with metabolism problems, alzhaimer's prevention or sports activity.

In addition, infants can count overpass vaccinations, and children for large discounts at their stays in selected resorts in Croatia.

Sick cash supports smoking.


ZPMV - insurance company of the Ministry of the Interior

The sickness fund offers subsidies for optional vaccination and preventive tests not covered by compulsory insurance. The patients also encourage swimming courses. Pregnant women can count on additional prenatal tests above the standard.

For small support, people with metabolic problems, including lactose intolerance.

Additionally, a surcharge for people going to preventive - cancer and civilization diseases.

Sick cash supports smoking.

Children with chronic respiratory tract problems (J30, J45) can count on stays in the Tatras.

Sickness partners offer discounts to stay in some spas.


Change of patients is possible twice a year, until 30 March with the expiration date from July 1 and until 30 September with the validity date from January 1 of the New Year. If you are interested, please use the form in the client panel.

On request, our office can prepare a more accurate offer of chosen cash register.

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