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Settlement of income tax for 2021 - Dates
monday, 14 March 2022

Do you know when you should submit a tax return for 2021 year?

Settlement of income tax for 2021 - Dates

Natural persons, entrepreneurs and legal persons are required to submit a PIT tax return for 2021 in the following terms:

  1. by April 1 2022 - Persons submitting a tax return personally at the Tax Office or via mail (post)
  2. Up to May 2, 2022 - Persons applying tax return in electronic form (TZV. Datova Schranka or Tax Portal)
  3. by 1 July 2022 - People for which tax returns are licensed by a licenseed tax advisor

    Persons whom on the basis of the accounting service agreement runs by prospectum s.r.o., will be settled with the tax office by May 2 at the latest. Provided all necessary accounting documents for 2021.

    Persons who would like to use our tax settlement offer in the Czech Tax Office, and do not have accounting agreements with our company, please contact: bok@prospectum.eu

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