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Analysis of revenues and application for financial support
tuesday, 11 January 2022

Czech Government has prepared an economic activity of up to 1000 CZK for people in the day.

Analysis of revenues and application for financial support

Refurbished compensatory bonus of up to 1000 CZK per day is a direct support for self-employed persons, partners in small enterprises and people working on a contract of employment or a contract for a work.

The injured entrepreneurs and contractors can apply for financial support for two premium periods (November 22 - 31 December 2021, 1 January - 31 January 2022) when meeting the conditions set out in the Regulation. In total, you can get up to 71,000 crowns.

The right to bonuses have entrepreneurs and contractors, mainly affected by current government restrictions aimed at alleviating the negative effects of the pandemic. A decisive indicator is a documented decrease in revenue in December 2021 and January 2022 by at least 30% compared to the three selected months from the period 6-10 / 2021. It is also possible to infer to support due to a quarantine order, insulation or child care.

If you believe that in December or January, a decrease in revenue was greater than or equal to 30% compared to selected three months, you can ask us to prepare analysis. If the analysis confirms the right to receive support, we will also prepare a request.

Price for revenue analysis: 500 CZK

Price for preparing and referral of the application: 500 CZK

If you are interested in your service, please contact your email address Bok@prospectum.eu By placing a word BONUSin the title.

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