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Current travel information to the Czech Republic
tuesday, 8 June 2021

Poland From June 14, 2021 changed the color in the Czech semaphore to a green (low-risk country of COVID-19 infection).

persons crossing the boundary with the Czechs from low-level countries do not apply to any embodiments: you do not have to complete the arrival form or perform a test for Covid-19.

Current travel information to the Czech Republic

in the Czech Republic:

  1. FFP2 masks or with nanoparticles - inside all public objects (offices, shops, offices)
  2. vaccination confirmation or current test when using hotel services, guest houses, etc.
  3. the obligation to have a test or vaccination when using food services both inside the premises and in gardens.

    From 1.07.2021 Employers will not be required to test their employees.

    On 7.07.2021, we will re-open our office in Nachoda. We will continue to require prior arrangement of the date and time of visits. In our office they will be able to stay at the same time a maximum of two people. We will inform you about the details in a separate message.

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